Tactical Main Gauche


This design was created June of 2012. It is a period correct left-handed dagger of Spanish origin that has been slightly adapted for today’s modern warrior. Let’s face it, if you have to be in a knife fight, wouldn’t you like to be the one holding this blade?

To give you a bit of a background, I have been involved in rapier fencing in the SCA and WMA communities for a number of years. I am well aware of the advantages a 17th Century Spanish or Italian “Main Gauche” or triangular guarded dagger. I typically use a ring dagger and consider those who study texts and choose to play in time periods before the advent of this style of dagger as either gamers or advantage seekers.  No problem if that is your game, I’ll  still do my thing. But now, as a maker, I am forced to look at a main gauche as a truly tactical fighting knife, I find it oddly appealing and well suited to the task. Lets face it, every part on it is lethal. No one wants those quillons in the cheek, or that pommel on any bony surface.

The knife is solid, almost two pounds, the blade is hefty and the grip is comfortable.  “No, Messier Dundee, this is in fact a knife.”

Get the picture.  It is an awesome piece of steel, a weapon worthy of a modern warrior, as practical as it is tactical.

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